Data Use Policy

This Data Use Policy (“Policy”) establishes the terms by which Farmer’s Data (defined below) is treated and used by ProdutorAgro website and associated applications, products, and services. Use of specific product and services provided by ProdutorAgro are subject to specific terms of use, all compliant and following this Policy.

Data Collection

“Farmer’s Data” means information and data provided by the farmer, or by other user in behalf of the farmer, including but not limited to the data listed below. ProdutorAgro collects any or all of these according to the service or product provided:

  • Farm Management Data: it includes operational and agronomic data related to planting, seed type, yield, disease and pest management application, fertilization, and prescriptions, scouting, irrigation, harvesting and other activities, including what products are used, which tasks are done when, and by whom;
  • Land Data: it includes information about field boundaries, ownership and lease information related to those field boundaries, soil and fertility data, topographical, elevation, watershed, and drainage data, geospatial information, and tillage and conservation data.
  • Financial data: it includes costs associated with operational and agronomic activities, input costs, labor costs, contracts and settlement information, and other data related to revenue, costs or resultant profit for farm operation. Data inputted by farmers about credits, debits and loans taken with banks, resellers, grain traders Supply chain providers and service providers contracts and the respective financial conditions. Land leasing information. Invoice data and pricing data.
  • Weather and climate data: information sourced through a farmer’s proprietary weather stations or historical data, forecasts or any other weather and climate data inputted by farmers;
  • Machine data: information that is imported on farmer’s behalf from Third Party equipment manufacturers or software companies;

Farmer’s data excludes any information or data identifiable to the farmer that was in our lawful possession prior to the disclosure, is publicly known through no act or omission of ours, is rightfully disclosed to us by a Third Party without restriction on use or disclosure or is independently developed by us.

Use of data

We may use Farmer’s Data to understand their use and to make improvements on ours or affiliated companies’ website, products and services (including, without limitation, any other existing and future products and services);

Ownership of data

Farmer’s Data is owned by the user who uploads it. Ownership gives the right to share, download, and delete Farmer’s Data. The user assures that he/she is the owner or have obtained the permission from the owner of Farmer’s data the user transfers, shares, or uploads to ProdutorAgro, including any Farmer’s Data he/she authorizes to be transferred from a third party. The user releases ProdutorAgro from any claims that someone else owns the Farmer’s Data uploaded to a user account.

Data transfer

The user is fully responsible for the data he/she transfers, shares, uploads and downloads while using ProdutorAgro products and services. The user may not intentionally or negligently upload data that is false or misleading.

Aggregated Data

By using any application, service or product provider by ProdutorAgro, the user gives consent to ProdutorAgro to anonymize and combine individual Farmer’s Data from other ProdutorAgro users, creating an aggregated database (“Aggregated Data”).

Aggregated Data is anonymized by removing personal information, such as name, address, and phone number, and combined with other data so that Aggregated Data cannot be linked to individual users.

The user has no ownership rights to Aggregated Data. Aggregated Data can be used by ProdutorAgro for any lawful purpose including but not limited to commercial purposes and sharing with affiliates and third parties.

Security of Data

ProdutorAgro will maintain commercially reasonable administrative, physical and technical safeguards to protect the security, confidentiality and integrity of Farmer’s Data. In the very unlikely event in which there is a breach of data, ProdutorAgro will take all the necessary legal measures and notify those who this event may affect.

ProdutorAgro will not share Farmer’s Data to third-parties without previous consent from the user, except in cases it may be strictly enforced by law. ProdutorAgro’ s suppliers and service providers which may have access to Farmer’s data must also follow this Policy.

Data retrieval

ProdutorAgro will retain all Farmer’s Data for at least thirty (30) days after termination of the user subscription or contract of service. ProdutorAgro may retain Farmer’s Data for an undefined amount of time following termination.

Any Farmer’s Data uploaded to ProdutorAgro by the user is recorded and maintained in ProdutorAgro databases, and upon request to ProdutorAgro Customer Support, ProdutorAgro will use commercially reasonable efforts to make such data available for the user in the original format, equivalent one or stored format.

Business Transfers

If ProdutorAgro, or substantially all of its assets, were acquired, or if ProdutorAgro go out of business, enter bankruptcy, or go through some other change of ownership, or some other form of business combination, merger or joint venture, user information would be transferred to that third party. The user acknowledges that such transfers may occur, and that any acquirer of ProdutorAgro may continue to use Farmer’s Data as set forth in this policy.

Policy updates

In the event of changes in this Policy the user will be notified by e-mail through the e-mail linked to the user’s account or upon the user log in into our website.

Team ProdutorAgro